Worm Shaft And Worm Gear

Worm shaft and worm gear together constitute the worm drive. It is a gear arrangement in which a worm shaft meshes with worm gear.
We are one of the splendid fabricators, crusaders and exporters of worm shafts and gears. Mining and other heavy engineering industries use worm shaft/gears on a large scale.


Worm shaft/gears are used in minimizing the exertion made in rotating large gears. Worm gears are exclusively potential enough in minimizing the rotational speed of the motors and helps in acquiring a higher torque. In order to make the gear, teeth of worm gears are attached, and its fissures are integrated with each fissure on the other gear. When the gear starts rotating, the shafts move by one tooth of the gear. Engraving of worm gears is quick, and can be done easily. Worm gears are firmer when compared to other types of gears. This compactness makes them serve optimally and efficiently in the operation.

Worm Gear and Worm Wheels

We, at JV engineers, produce all kinds of worm gears like

  • Non-throated where these gears do not have grooved machine around the circumference of either worm or worm wheel.
  • Single throated where the worm wheel is throated or grooved.
  • Double throated where both gears are throated. This can bear highest loading.

The client has the benefit of customization where contriving of gears is done with diversified designs, sizes and with other specifications.

Uses and Applications

Worm gears and shafts are extensively used in packing, material handling equipments, food processing machines, conveyor systems industries. We also extend our servitude to defence, marine, aluminium, moveable bridge, petrochemical, strip processing, sponge iron, powder industry, turbine plants, earth moving industry, etc.

Worm drives are used as a tuning mechanism for many musical instruments, including double-basses, guitars, and mandolins.

The gears are usually made of aluminium, cast iron, plastic, steel, other metals like brass, copper, powdered metal and wood.

Plastic worm drives are frequently used on small battery operated electric motors to provide an output result with a lower angular velocity than that of the motor. This motor-worm-gear drive system is often used in toys and other small electrical devices.

Worm drive can also be run in reverse that results in the output shaft turning much faster than the input. This may be visible in hand-cranked centrifuges and the wind governor in a musical box. This is a rare phenomenal usage.


Ferrous and non-ferrous are the materials that are elementarily used. The manufacturing capacity of worm gears is 30 mm to 700 mm outside diameter.