Worm Gear

JV engineers are the leading manufacturers of best quality worm gears in the industry. Worm gears are one of the many types of gears that are used in mining and other similar industries. Worm gears create an impact that is required to reduce the effect of large gears. Worm gears have a unique characteristic of smoothly turning the gear but the gear is unable to turn the worm. This happens because the angle on the worm is very shallow in nature, and whenever the gear attempts to rotate itself, the whole friction act causes a zero movement. The working conditions of the worm gear are surrounded by the state of affair that is very difficult to analyse. Major types of oil that are used for lubrication include compounded mineral oils, EP mineral gear oils and synthetics.

Worm gears are prominently used in the mining industry since the motors that are used require large gear reductions and worm gears. The two components of this type of gear are firstly the Worm or the screw and the worm gear which is a wheel.

Working of Worm Gears

Worm Gears possess the ability of reducing the rotation speed of the motor to achieve a higher torque, and it is not a reversible gear. The further motion takes place only in one direction. To general people’s knowledge, it is important to mention that reducing the speed is possible, but increasing the drive isn’t. Only the power to the drive can be increased. Adding to it, worm gears contain teeth that complement the shafts present on the wheel. After the rotation of the gear, the shafts also move by one tooth. The next step is the reduction of the speed proportionally to the number of teeth a gear has. Say taking an example for a 10 teeth gear the speed will be reduced by the factor of10. The rotation axis has a 90-degree angle. These gears are quite compact and efficient in operation. Worm gears are used in big and small motors which have requirements for power efficiency. For any queries in relation to worm gears, we offer our consultation of experts to gather information for the same. We will cater to your queries through the experience and provide you with apt solutions.

Application and uses of Worm Gears

Worm gears are put to practical use in areas of work as mining industry, plastic industry, food industry and oil industry. They are used in packaging industries, food processing machines, conveyor system, rolling mills, rotary tables, milling heads, lifts, surface mining, paper manufacturing, marine,  defence and escalators.

Specification and types of worm gears can be customised according to customers and their requirements.


Material Ferrous and non-ferrous
Manufacturing capacity 30mm to 1000mm outside diameter