Suger Mill Gear

Sugar mill gears are a widely used device. These find use in not only the sugar industry, but also in other industries like steel rolling mills, cold and hot rolling mills and several others. These gears are also known as mill gears in other industries.

The helical and double helical sugar mill gears that we make find use in sugar mills in crushing of raw sugarcane.

The rolling mill gears manufactured by us are the ones which are used in re-rolling of the other mills like the hot rolling and the cold rolling ones. These units are used in the process of making sugar from materials like sugar beet and sugar cane.

These gears also contribute to the saving of energy due to the optimized and sophisticated designs. The precise functioning of the drive system also plays an important role in conservation of energy and saving it from getting wasted.

We also take care that we meet the demands and requirements of the mill drives. For this reason, we provide Load sharing gear units and Low speed planetary gear units. Also, the usage of these gears are not limited to the sugar mills and can be used in different areas also like in conveyer belts, air and water turbines and crushing machines.

These gears provide numerous advantages. These are one of the best and most widely used products from our production. The benefits due to which they are so widely used are:

  • Maximum energy saving and conservation due to the very sophisticated designs
  • Maximum noise cancellation due to the very intricate and high end technology used in its design
  • Space saving features

These gears find extensive applications in the processing of sugar beet and sugar cane. Thus, the sugar industry benefits from these products the most. These gears are rust free and they have a long life.

Also, these gears find extensive use in various other fields as well. They can be used in:

  • Cement plants
  • Steel rolling plants
  • Rolling mills
  • Mining industry
  • Heavy engineering machines setups
  • Petro-chemical industries
  • Defence and Marine equipment manufacturing
  • Sponge iron plants fertilizer plants
  • Thermal power station
  • Mineral plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Paper mills

With these many varied uses, advantages and benefits, these products score over other companies which manufacture similar products. Our products come with the trust that they will serve you for long. You can trust our company and make the right decision by choosing us. We assure our services won’t ever let you down. We enjoy a good reputation in the market and we have a high customer satisfaction ratio.