Spur Helical Gear

The various modes of transmission in an automobile or in a machine ask for new and better technologies in order to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum losses. These advancements led to the formation and use of simple gears. The earliest kind of gears were simple spur gears that used to have its axis parallel to the axis of rotation with the teeth in a straight line parallel to the axis of gear. Its drawbacks led to the formation of Spur Helical Gears.

Spur Helical Gears are in a way similar to simple spur gears, i.e. they have teeth in a line parallel to the axis of rotation, but the teeth on the gears are inclined at an angle so that maximum power could be transmitted. These gears decreased the wear and tear content that used to occur in case of simple spur gears, and led to an increase in the efficiency. These are used in places where high amount of torque has to be achieved.

JV Engineers enjoy a high status in the field of manufacture and supply of highly accurate and efficient spur helical gears. The constant quality provided by us makes our company, one among the top ranks in the charts. We also provide customization and other such features, and we use the best quality material with a constant check maintained on the production cycles.

Customization Opportunities:

Having customization in gears as per client’s requirements is highly common nowadays. We provide the following customization opportunities

  • Gear Ratio
  • Power to be transmitted
  • Diameter of gear

Quality Checks:

We levy high checks on the quality of our produce. Our quality managers keep in mind, the following aspects when they are regulating and maintaining the quality standards.

  • Strength of teeth of gears in a lot is specially checked so that they do not show signs of failures under constant and rigorous static/dynamic loading conditions.
  • High-quality raw material is being used.
  • Maximum efficiency of workers is churned out by applying the advanced methodologies of ergonomics.
  • Implementation of Work-Study for attaining maximum outputs by giving minimum input. This is done by proper space and material utilization.

Safety Measures kept in Mind:

We assure that the safety measures are being taken, and prevention of accidents or poor quality products is present as far as possible. A few safety measures usually taken include the following.

  • Load carrying capacity of the gear tooth is kept on a high scale.
  • High endurance of gear teeth.
  • The sliding velocities are maintained in order to achieve the maximum power transmission even at high speeds.

Safegaurds Taken

Theome of the safeguards we take into consideration while designing and manufacturing the complete range of Industrial and Automotive gears include:

  • Superior load carrying capacity of gear tooth
  • Superior endurance of gear tooth
  • Gear material has sufficient strength to resist failure due to breakage of the tooth
  • Gear material should have sufficient surface endurance strength for avoiding failure due to destructive pitting
  • For high-speed power transmission, the sliding velocities are maintained high and material has low co-efficient of friction to avoid failure due to scoring
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