Sprocket Gear

Our organisation, JV engineers is the industry leader in manufacturing of best quality sprocket gears. Sprocket gears are one of the many types of gears that are used for mining and other similar industries. The working conditions of the sprocket gear are surrounded by the state of affair that is very difficult to analyse. Major types of oil that are used for lubrication include compounded mineral oils, EP mineral gear oils and synthetics. We also have sprockets that have been exclusively designed as per customer needs with a special noise reduction quality. We offer one of the most economical and reliable sprocket gears used for long term applications and items.


Sprocket gears work on the mechanism wherein sprockets are connected on the engine with the help of a supporting metal chain. When the engine is in rotation because of the force of the machine, the larger sprocket also works. The larger sprocket is located and attached to the chain. This process of working of a sprocket gear can further be explained as the one end of the chain which is a small sprocket attached on the engine starts rotating due to the force exerted by the engine. On the other end of the chain, the larger sprocket which is attached to the rear axle gives both forward as well as reverse momentum force.  The factors that govern the amount and speed of the rotation of each sprocket are:

  • the capacity to move the driving sprocket with ease
  • the number of the teeth placed in the driven sprocket
  • the number of teeth present in the driving sprocket

For any queries in relation to sprocket gears, we offer the consultation of experts to gather information for the same. We will cater to your queries through the experience and provide you with apt solutions.

Application and uses of Sprocket Gears

Sprocket gears are put to practical use in areas of work as automobiles and similar industry. They are used in cycles and bicycles. They are also used in defence, marine, chemical, food processing, grinding mills, hot and cold rolling, lock and dam machinery, movable bridges, petroleum, sugar, stamping presses steel, strip processing, surface mining, turbine plant, power industry, material handling and fertilizer industry.

Specifications for sprocket gears:


Manufacturing Capacity 30mm to 1000mm Outside Diameter
Type Doublex, triplex or Quarterplex

Sprocket Gear Manufacturing Materials:

We use aluminium, cast iron, plastic, steel, brass, copper, powdered metal, wood and other similar metals to manufacture sprocket metals.