Pump Gear

We fulfill the need of pumping of fluid by displacement with the help of ‘pump gear’, common known machinery for the purpose. These hydraulic fluid power applicators are utilized to pump high viscosity fluids in chemical installations with the method of positive displacement or fixed displacement in which it pumps fixed amount of fluid per revolution.

As per need we offer two variations of pump gears:

  • External pump gear, which utilizes two external spur gears and,
  • Internal pump gear, which utilizes external and internal spur gears.

Either as motor or pump we provide precisely designed to function at appropriate places for delivery of continuous high pressure.

We offer pump gears specifying wide variety of features like:

  • Both single/double pump configuration is available in external gear pumps.
  • Spur, helical and herringbone gear all are available.
  • Delivery of smooth performance is the prime objective in manufacturing of all gears.
  • Pumps are of large capacity.
  • Smaller external gear pumps are also available.
  • We manufacture gears with shaft support on both sides and close tolerance.
  • Sturdy gears having a capacity to run beyond 3,000PSI/ 200 BAR unit pressure.
  • Very suitable for hydraulic applications.
  • To ensure precise measure of liquid to pass through pump and strict control over the flow we provide tighter internal clearances.
  • Very appropriate for exact transferring and measured applications of fuels, polymers, and any chemical additives.

Mechanism of pump gear

Two identical toothed gears each supported by shaft with bearings are in rotation. This movement creates void and suction at the inlet of the pump that lets liquid to enter the gear. Liquid is then locked between the teeth of the gears and transferred to the outlet side due to rotation. Pressure generated inside the gears due to its movement causes transfer of fluid.

Advantages leading to wide usage of pump gear:

  • Its design can be made suitable for transfer of a wide variety of liquids or any other material.
  • High speed and pressure execute the work in lesser time
  • Quiet operation as compared to other machines.
  • It does not overhang bearing load.

Besides, transfer of liquids it can be involved in:

  • Measuring of polymers
  • Mixing and blending of chemicals
  • Involved in industrial applications and mobile hydraulic
  • Transfer application involving low volume of eatables and oils

Our gears manufacturing specifications are:

  • External body including head, casing and bracket is of iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, steel, high alloys and composites.
  • Internal shafts are of steel and stainless steel, high alloys and alumina ceramic.
  • Internal gears are made of steel, stainless steel, and composite.
  • Bushing is made of carbon, needle bearings, bronze and silicon carbide.
  • Shaft seal is of packing, lip seal and component mechanical seal. 

Working Process

  • Use two identical gears rotating against each other
  • Each gear supported by shaft with bearings on both sides of gear
  • As gears come out of mesh, these create expanding volume on inlet side of pump, allowing liquid to flow into cavity where it is trapped by gear teeth as they rotate
  • Liquid travels around interior of casing in pockets between teeth and casing
  • The meshing of gears force liquid through outlet port under pressure


Some of the advantages of these gears include:

  • High speed
  • High pressure
  • No overhung bearing loads
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Design accommodates wide variety of materials


Some of the common applications of pump gears include:

  • Polymer metering
  • Chemical mixing & blending
  • Industrial and mobile hydraulic applications
  • Low volume transfer application

Construction Specification

Externals (head, casing, bracket) Iron, stainless steel, ductile iron, steel, high alloys, composites
Internals (shafts) Steel, high alloys, stainless steel, alumina ceramic
Internals (gears) Steel, composite, stainless steel
Bushing Carbon, needle bearings, bronze, silicon carbide
Shaft Seal Packing, lip seal, component mechanical seal