Pinion Gear

We, at JV Engineers, are the best pinion gearing service providers. Offering a wide range of designed pinion gears, which are employed in different industries, our team ensures that you get the best product for your needs. The heavy duty pinion gears find a number of applications in the industrial work, and we provide all types of pinion gears, which is made from excellent quality material to last long.

Our team of engineers and other staff are well-trained professionals who have the experience and skills to meet the client demands for gears. We process the specifications mentioned by the client and then design and produce the gear so that the client gets the product in exact shape, size and capacity to manage his industrial work.

Pinion gears find a number of applications in industries such as -

  • Sugar Mills
  • Printing Machinery
  • Cement Plants
  • Sponge Iron Mills
  • Kiln shells
  • Grinding Mills
  • Ball Mills
  • Mining Machines

and in many other industrial works.

We, at JV Engineers offer both the straight (spur) tooth as well as the helical version of the pinion gear. Apart from this, we produce the pinion gear according to your specification in terms of size, quality, material used and the axis driven requirements to meet your expectations. Our highly skilled team of engineers is proficient with this, and you would get exactly the same product which you ask us to make.

We offer three quality level product with respect to pinion gears, which includes induction hardened, soft and hardened and ground types. You may tell us your requirements, and we would be able to assist you in a better way regarding which quality type would be optimal for your industrial operations.

The axis drives are designed in such a way that you can employ the pinion gear in work such as CNC routers, material handling systems, gantries and columns to name a few.

The capacity to work involved with heavy loads makes our pinion gears to employ it in the industries such as -

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Machine tools
  • Aerospace
  • Material handling

The gears are designed in such a way that it lasts long and offers great efficiency. Some of the most prominent features of the pinion gears includes -

  • They have a high contact ratio which makes load lifting capacity go a notch higher.
  • ¬†They run at a minimal noise, especially so when the pinion gears are used at a higher velocity.

So, contact us today and get the best designed and produced pinion gear in the market. You may reach out to us by either emailing at or by calling us at our phone number +(91)-(11)-27832357 to get the pinion gear of your choice.

Pinion Gear Specification

Some of the specification of these gears include :
Forged 42CRMo4, 34CRiMo6, 30CRiMo8
Duly Hardened and Tempered To 260-280 BHN
Specialization For heavy load applications like in Earth moving equipment, Sugar mills, Cement plants and Mining Industry
Increase power density Through higher hardness pinion
Tooth modification system in gearing Improves service life of pinion system in gearing as well as enhances service life of pinions