Industrial Automotive Gear

We are a leading name in offering our customers precision designed and engineered range of Industrial Automotive Gears. These are manufactured at our well equipped plant having latest CNC Machines so as to achieve high precision performance in these gear components. Matching up with the end usage demands in different vehicles, these can be delivered by us through prototype development as well as normal production means. 

The Range of Industrial Gear offered includes

Industrial helical gears Helical spur gears
Helical pinion gears Automotive gears

Available in standard as well as non standard modules as well as in different capacities including 0.5 module to 1.5 module capacity & up to 200 mm diameter, these are developed as per customer's given specifications. Further, we have with us the provision of conducting close checks on all industrial automotive gear profiles on CNC lead & profile tester as per Din standard accuracy.

Feautures-Helical Gears

  • Best quality Helical Gears
  • With teeth at any angle other than 90 degrees to face of gear, these are used in industry sectors like OEM equipment builders, Steel industry, Rubber industry, Material handling equipment manufacturers and others

Feautures-Helical Spur Gears

  • Most of the gears seen are spur gears
  • The teeth are radially projected and are parallel to axis of gear
  • The teeth of spur gear are exactly perpendicular to its flat face
  • These are more efficient in performance
  • These are easy to assemble and can be easily mounted using ball bearings
  • These find application in mechanical systems like in robotics applications, machine tools

Features-Helical Pinion Gears

  • These pinion gears are used for converting rotation into linear motion
  • Used in numerous industrial applications, these have teeth that spiral around gear and are similar to spur gears
  • These can be custom designed and can be made available in different ratios
  • They are noise free
  • These have least number of teeth to mesh with larger wheel
  • These deliver hassle free long life service
  • These are cost effective in prices

Industrial Automototive Gears-Uses & Applications

Some of the areas these Industrial Automotive gears find application in include:

  • Cars
  • Off road applications
  • Trucks
  • High quality & heavy duty gears for vehicles like Jeep, Tractor, Lcvs, and Trucks
  • Delivering equal performance in transmission and differential functioning