Ground Gear

We, at JV Engineers, are a leading ground gear manufacturer in the nation and manufacture products keeping in view the international standards. Our team of highly skilled and hard- working engineers ensure that you get all type of ground girth gears as per your requirements. As Ground girth gears are used in a number of industries, we offer a product specifically as per the need in your industry and other specs that you want in the ground girth gears. So, we offer all kinds of gearing services to our clients that are reliable and long lasting.. 

Feautures-Ground Girth Gears

Ground girth gears, find a number of applications in a wide array of industries, which includes -

  • Printing Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Sponge Iron Plant
  • Sugar Mills
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Mineral Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Rolling Plants

and various other industries as well.

Ground girth gears are known for their utility and strength, which makes the industrial work a lot easier and smooth, thus, enabling the firm to earn more revenue in the long term.

Some of the major advantages involved with the use of ground girth gears manufactured by us includes

  • Ground girth gears are known for their strength and so, can carry maximum heavy loads.
  •  The ground girth gears manufactured by us are durable and last long as compared to the ones manufactured by other brands.
  • A high transmission correction is involved with our manufactured ground girth gears which match your specialized needs perfectly.
  • We design the ground girth gear as per the size and design mentioned by you.
  • You can order ground girth gear in any of the materials that includes alloy steel, carbon steel or any other material.
  • The ground girth gear can be made in both the helical and spur type, as per your needs.
  • We currently offer product manufacturing in 16 different modules, out of which you can pick one according to your requirements.

Thus, the ground girth gears manufactured by us are known for their resilience, quality, durability and are process efficient. So, contact us for all your ground girth gear and other gearing requirements and we can assure you that you would get high quality products, which offer maximum efficiency and durability as it is manufactured using high quality material and under the supervision of our skilled engineers.

Also, we are known for charging the lowest price for gears in general and ground girth gears in particular. This makes you get a high-quality product made of tough material at the lowest cost possible, providing a high value for your money.


For achieving smooth performance as well as durable service life,these ground girth gears are made available in different specification.Some choices include :
Material MS or Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel as per ASTM, BS, IS, AISI, SAE or any as per customer requirement
Manufacturing Capacity 30mm to 1,000mm Outside Diameter
Module Up to 16 Module
Type Spur and Helical

Ground Gears - Uses & Applications

The range of Ground gears offered by us is broadly used in following industries:

The range of ground gears offered by us is broadly used in following industries :
Fertilizer plants Cement Plants
Sponge Iron Plants Suger mills
Mineral Plants Chemical Plants
Steel Rolling Plants Material Handing Equipment
Machine Tools