Double Helical Gear

Gear consists of teeth and is in general used in transmission of power. One such gear is the Double helical gears, also known as Herringbone gears. The double helical gear has two sets of teeth cut in the form of V shape, and they execute their function as two mirrored helical gears joined together. .

They are equal to a pair of helical gears; one teeth with the right-hand helix and the other teeth with a left-hand helix and both the teeth are secured together. Such a type of  mirror arrangement is to cancel out the net axial thrust because each gear forces the other gear in the opposite direction. Their main advantage is to transfer power smoothly as more than two teeth are in contact with each other at any time. Their main advantage is to equalize the side thrust of one-half of the gear with the other half of the gear. These are used to overcome the errors due to axial thrust.

These gears are available in two possible arrangements for oppositely-oriented helical gear faces so as to provide both possible rotational directions. One is stable since the axial force is directed towards the center of gear and the other unstable because both of the axial forces are directed away from the center of gear

When the direction of rotation is reversed, direction of axial thrust is reversed thus making the stable configuration unstable and functioning vice versa. These stable double helical gears can be directly interchanged with spur gears without the need for different bearings.


  • These gears possess long and strong teeth.
  • These gears carry heavy loads effectively due to greater surface contact area.
  • They are quiet as they make lesser vibrations.
  • These gears have their teeth cut at angle to the axis, and they resemble the spur gear.


The most important and common application of this gear is Power Transmission. Also, these gears help in achieving reduced pulsation because of their extrusion and polymerization applications.

Other applications of the Herringbone gears are:
  • Heavy machinery
  • External gear pumps
  • Applications that typically need higher pressures and larger percentages of filled material.


These gears are provided in both single and multiple segmented configurations. As a result of usage of the gears, the discharge pressures and the life expectancy of gear pump parts are increased. These gears are constructed using MS or Alloy Steel and Carbon Steel as per the  industry standards.  Their finish is durable, and they deliver longer service life.

Material 30mm to 1000mm Outside Diameter
Standards Doublex, triplex or Quarterplex
Manufacturing Capacity Doublex, triplex or Quarterplex
Module 30mm to 1000mm Outside Diameter
Type Doublex, triplex or Quarterplex