Crane Gear

Crane gears are meant for rugged use, and any degradation in the process is untoward, we fabricate various types of crane gears and are very flamboyant about its quality. We take into consideration various metallurgical operation, heat tests, and many other tests which a gear is supposed to face. There are different types of crane gear, and they include material handling equipment’s gears, freight elevators, winches, store stacker cranes. Skilled professionals manufacture our gears and they use high quality raw material for the manufacturing so that the gears can sustain for a longer period. Our gears are so well manufactured that despite changing conditions, they are protean to the circumstances so that the process does not halt.

We supply our gearing units to countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Gulf countries and South African countries.

Gears Used

Cranes, conveyors, kilns, lubrication systems, lifting, rotating, elevators.

Types of Crane Gears

Different types of crane gears available are cargo cranes worm gearbox gear, alloy steel gear for crane rotating system, buffered crane geared motor with CE, tower crane hoisting reducer, GCL geared trolley, crane, gear couplings, geared trolleys.

  • Cargo cranes worm gearbox gear
  • Alloy Steel Gear for Crane Rotating System
  • Buffered crane geared motor with CE
  • Tower crane hoisting reducer
  • GCL Geared Trolley
  • Crane gear couplings
  • Geared Trolley

Crane Gears Reqirements and Specification

The crane gear should be specifically made up of iron that has sharp edges. Cranes sole duty is to push or pull objects, and this specification could be well fulfilled only if it is made up of heavy iron as to avoid slipping.

We serve crane gears of carbon steel and also alloy steel material, maximum OD 1900 mm with a maximum weight of 9 tons. The supply conditions are QT, roughly machined and normalized.

Crane Gears :Specification
Material Carbon steel & alloy steel
OD(max) 1900mm, Weight(max): 9tons
Supply Condition Rough machined, QT and normalized
Quality Durable, International

Types of Gear Materials

One can find different gear materials which include Aluminum gears, steel gears, cast iron gears, other metal gears, plastic gears, brass gears, powdered metal gears, wood gears, copper gears.

We Serve the following Industeries

We supply gears to printing, power, automobile steel plants, coal mines, paper industries as we are the leading gear manufacturers. We deal even in turbine gears, machine gears that are used in agriculture, fertilizer, and many other industries.

On the other hand we supply to defense, Marine, Hot and cold rolling, petroleum, chemical, food and processing, moveable bridges, rubber, sugar, Plastic, Stamping Presses Steel, Strip Processing, Surface Mining, Petrochemical, Turbine Plant, Rubber Plants, Power industry, Fertilizer and various other industries.